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Look what opened up today...
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Up early to be ready to go and rent a chipper. Not a chopper, though that might be fun, but a chipper. We spent hours yesterday trimming trees and shrubs around the house. There are about 4 truckloads of debris in big piles around the place.

I took pictures, but haven't edited them yet, so they're still in the camera. I'll take more today of the chipping. It'll be easier to load the stuff into the truck, and more of it will fit when it's in tiny, bite-sized chunks.

It's supposed to be about 80 degrees today, and 91 tomorrow, so we need to get a move on. Have a great Sunday, everyone. Do what makes you happy.:)
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I decided not to plant any tomatoes this year because I'm going to need the space in the Fall for the irises that need dividing. I planted a little lemon cucumber instead and it has tons of blooms on it.

Anyway, when I went out to water the cucumber this morning, I found a little patch of volunteer tomatoes growing. I have an unused container, filled with soil, so the little tomatoes got moved into that. We'll see if they actually have time to amount to anything before Fall.
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Here's a photo of Hello Darkness, from the Schreiner's Iris Gardens website. Mine isn't fully bloomed yet. It has the most amazing sweet scent. I've also included a few of the others in my garden.

Stairway to Heaven

Rip City...

Beverly Sills...

and, last for now...Yaquina Blue...


Apr. 30th, 2005 05:40 pm
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I did some major weeding my iris bed today and it totally wiped me out. My bum is gonna be so sore tomorrow from all the squatting and stooping I've done. The clematis is going gangbusters and the Hello Darkness iris is already starting to bloom. Very early for this part of the country, but we had a very mild winter.

There is an annual Iris Festival, which I'm afraid will be too late to see any iris in bloom. Mine are in desperate need of dividing and will have to be done this autumn or fail to thrive next season.


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